Be the person you want your kids to be.

From overwhelmed and short tempered to setting an example you're proud of.



From the outside, you're crushing it. But on the inside, you might have some work to do.

Here's where we focus so you can be confident and present for your work, community, and family.

    The quality of our life directly relates to the quality of our relationships. Be authentic and say "no" when necessary. Stay steady at work and less stressed at home.

    When we're swamped, our physical health can be one of the easiest areas to neglect. Dial in your sleep, food, exercise, and habits so you're at the top of your game.

    We bottle up our emotions and then overreact when we're triggered. It sounds soft, but mastering our emotions is where all our power lies.
If you're skeptical, most guys are:

"If coaching sounds weird,
welcome to me six months ago.
I needed help working through angst, negative self-belief, and the mess of options I was analyzing. Tommy's simple framing approach is exactly what I needed."

- Garet P. 

"It took me too long to muster
the courage to ask for help.
I felt an incredible sense of personal empowerment after our first session. I quickly realized the years I tried the DIY approach over and over with no lasting improvements was an inefficient use of my energy."

- Eric S. 

"If it sounds crazy,
welcome to the party.

I was completely blind to how powerful these concepts are. I can sincerely say that my view of living is forever changed."

- Greg P. 


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